Reserve your Kosmo

The Kosmo e-cigarette will go on sale in fall 2014. Reserve yours today. No credit card needed to reserve. We welcome international orders

Take control

The free iOS and Android app lets you track your progress and control your e-cigarette usage. Smooth, ergonomic and clear.

Your nicotine dashboard
Check when, where, and how much nicotine you vape.

Custom reduction program
Build a custom nicotine reduction program based on your smoking habits, or just set up a daily cap.

Compare with friends
Don’t do it alone! Challenge your friends to see who managed to reduce their consumption the most.

Check your Kosmo
See the amount of battery life in your e-cigarette, and adjust the level to your preferred tastes.

Find it
Thanks to bluetooth technology, the app knows how close you are to your e-cigarette.

To keep control

The app lets your choose between two programs, automatic and manual. Set up a goal, it's easy!

Choose automatic, the app builds you a tailer made program based on your smoking habits. Choose manual, you set the number of cigarettes you plan to smoke for the day.

Smart light

Take control of your vape.

Take a puff
The white light on the button will smoothly follow your delightful puffs.

The cigarette break
Kosmo indicates when you smoke the equivalent of a regular cigarette.

You went too far
Kosmo turns red when you overstep your reduction goal.

Technical specifications

The most advanced electronic cigarette.